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ME2 Productions create experiences that resonate and become enduring memories.  Since 2002, we have been at the forefront of Hong Kong’s premium live music scene with a growing expertise in event solutions.  From lavish wedding unions to momentous celebrations, prestigious concert hall performances to festive charity galas, we are committed to take your vision and transform it into a world-class stage.


In Hong Kong and parts of Asia, our work is highly revered by notable clientele and global luxury hotels as a trusted vendor.  ME2 Productions’ masterful touch will prove that having a true artistic sense makes all the difference in delivering your event.

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Irene 汪圓圓 & Karson 蔡加贊
Wedding Banquet

Warmest congratulations on the marriage of the gracefully adorable couple Irene & Karson! With 'Glad You Came' as their march in song, our live band is ready to bring all the music to their stage for this huge celebration...

Kelly & Kingston 
Wedding Banquet

To hold a destination wedding for over 2,000 guests is nearly an impossible mission. If Kelly and Kingston could manage the schedule of their guests, they would definitely fly them all over to celebrate at the real film set of Alice in the Wonderland...

Myolie 胡杏兒 and Philip 李乘德
Wedding Banquet

She is always hopeful about love and unafraid to show her feelings. He decided to spend the rest of his life with her even his seed of love was sowed on just a photograph of her...

Coca Cola Asia Conference
VIP Dinner

Coca Cola is almost a household good for some people, like its plant, they stock unlimited stock in places they frequent, for ‘refurnishing’. From just a can of soda, it has successfully become a pop culture globally...

Music Opening

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We extend beyond our riskless territory - discover the unknown of event and wedding live music, service as the best live music provider in Hong Kong.