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Leader of Premium Live Music and Event Solutions
Creating Experiences, One At A Time


ME2 Productions create experiences that resonate and become enduring memories.  Since 2002, we have been at the forefront of Hong Kong’s premium live music scene with a growing expertise in event solutions.  From lavish wedding unions to momentous celebrations, prestigious concert hall performances to festive charity galas, we are committed to take your vision and transform it into a world-class stage.


In Hong Kong and parts of Asia, our work is highly revered by notable clientele and global luxury hotels as a trusted vendor.  ME2 Productions’ masterful touch will prove that having a true artistic sense makes all the difference in delivering your event.

Event Productions


Our events production service leaves you at ease and turns attendance into a sensory experience.  From intimate soirées to large-scale corporate functions, our creative and project management experts are ready to take you on the journey from ideation, to concept design and into seamless delivery.  Using expert styling harmonized with state-of-the-art technical and visual execution, ME2 Productions will elevate bespoke solutions into cherished memories.

Live Music

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Our premium live music service strives to captivate audiences at every occasion.  Whether it is jazz, classical, orchestra, pop, or traditional styles such as Chinese, Japanese, or Latino, each note strung from meticulously curated scores aim to stimulate and connect with emotions.  We collaborate with individual artists and musicians, ensembles and live bands who are acclaimed and well-respected in the industry.


We believe that audio and visual components play key roles in each experience.  Our solutions encompass technical design with cutting-edge equipment, set and staging, operations and support to the degree of utmost quality.  Through this, we interconnect senses with illuminated platforms and captivating sound according to your needs.

Audio Visual


Lighting helps to set the mood and transform your event with effects in impactful ways.  ME2 Productions takes effective lighting to illustrate imagination on stage and wow your audience.  No matter the occasion, our advisory team provides lighting design solutions, equipment sourcing and technical operations to truly illuminate your event.