​ME2 Productions is your source for live music for your next event. At wedding ceremonies, wedding receptions, corporate engagements and private parties, the perfect music is not only important to you, but also can be the mark of an event that you, your friends, and associates will talk about for years. We provide professional live music for events in Hong Kong and other countries/ cities such as Mainland China, Macau, and even cities in the United States. For every occasion, our musicians, ensembles and live bands have pleased clients at a variety of events in a variety of musical styles.


The musicians, ensembles and bands that are included in ME2 Productions are committed to making each event an occasion where excellence in musical performance is expected.


String Quartet, Harp Solo, Organ, etc.

You will find musicians that form string quartets, brass quintets, as well as trumpet, vocal, harp soloists for church ceremonies or formal events. Each of these musicians and ensembles is available for performance at luncheons, wedding banquets and ceremonies as a touch of elegance at a formal engagement.

DJ & Dance Music

From the funky 1970's dance hits to the latest Billboard Dance-Pop, the heavy bass cue in the disco light that tickles your feet and makes you want to raise your hands and shake up your body and mind.

Our musicians performing your favourite dance hits as if the music station has been turned up, the pumping beats changes the scene from a banquet setting to an intimate private club.

Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Indian to Lation Music, Special Crossover etc.

Our extensive range of talents not only gathers music from around the world, but also creates new collaborations on different ensembles.

You can find almost any kind of music in our house, from traditional Chinese, Japanese, Indian to Latino, we offer the most authentic performance for your special occasion. And if you are looking for something out of the ordinary; a live jam between DJ and saxophone will appeal to the outgoing side of you, a duet of harp and saxophone will cast interest on the fusion of Classical and Jazz and we are honored to put into reality your wishful music endeavour.