Irene 汪圓圓 & Karson 蔡加贊 - Wedding Banquet at HKCEC Grand Hall

Warmest congratulations on the marriage of the gracefully adorable couple!


Chic and modern elegance is what you are when you've entered the forest of cherry blossom. In the midst of the wood is our ladies trio, performing Classical lounge music with harp, cello and flute. And if you delight in the decorations, you will hear birds tweeting in the background that sounds as peaceful as the Garden of Eden.


Swaying through the greens is the castle that holds the long-awaited banquet. Horchestra sprinkles a mixture of Jazz and Pop to welcome the guest into the enormous ballroom. The polished style of strings blend in with the spirited Jazz is the perfect expression of the couple.



Right on the T-stage, our Director, Horace partnering with our Classical vocalist poised to unveil the evening with one wonderfully meaningful song 'The Prayer'. And if you relate this to the ordinary 'century wedding' you have in mind, the modish couple march in along with our live band styling the song 'Glad You Came' will definitely rock your head.  Kicking off with Bruno Mars' 'Just the Way You Are' by our all-rounded female vocalist, heats up the banquet with this dedicated song.



After a few classic Canto love songs by our talented male vocalist, he performed to the crowd a song composed by both Irene and Karson, originated from a poem Irene gifted to Karson. The romantic moment doesn't freeze! The couple's niece, Jasmine performed two songs accompanied by our live band to celebrate the love of the newlyweds. Guests are all excited by the sensational performances and to keep up the fever, we fire up the ballroom with all the stomping contemporary dance songs. Ending the night with 'Firework', a splash of hope, wishing a timeless bloom to the couple's love and marriage!

Irene 汪圓圓 & Karson 蔡加贊 - Wedding Ceremony at Beas River


ME2 is very honored to have the great fortune to partake in this huge celebration of Irene and Karson's wedding!


The story takes place on a landscape of lawn in front of a castle. Passing through a gate high as heaven, built in between two walls of climbing greens, you are soon filled with the royal emotion.In the medley of the sound of nature, it plays out the songs of harmony with our ladies trio on harp, cello and flute. Bringing serenity to the nerves from anticipating an excitement.


Just when the processional of bridal party is announced and the second our harpist strikes the song 'A Thousand Years', this contemporary love song plays the spell that hold out the moment of love. Blessings continue with the couple's family performing two heart-warming hymns. Their sincerity touches the crowd and the happy tears they are shedding is as dew growing out of their love, pure and fresh.

Wedding Banquet of Andrea & Ian - Wedding Banquet at Four Seasons HK


Celebrities from the government, finance and entertainment industries all came to celebrate Frederick Ma's (馬時享) daughter, Andrea's marriage to Ian.ME2 is proud to entertain the prominent guests on behalf of the modest couple. With our well-ordered, compact Jazz and Pop Quartet, we performed some of the English and Chinese classics created across the 20th and 21st century. The song list is carefully selected by the couple, an assortment of their favorites and some are definitely picked to cater the crowd.


The thoughtful couple has planned a simple yet emotionally indulging banquet to share their happiness with their guests.

Mark Lui Thank You Concert


A big round of applause for the Show Choir! Our sister company - The Red Vocal Academy had the pleasure to take part in the three-night Mark Lui Thank You Concert last weekend; performing for the guest of honor - the composer of all the songs performed in the concert, celebrating his music on the course of his 20 years in the Hong Kong music industry. Renowned Pop artists like Leon Lai Ming (黎明), Kelly Chen Wai Lam (陳慧琳), Miriam Yeung Chin Wah (楊千嬅), Andy Hui Chi On (許志安), Sammi Cheng Sau Man (鄭秀文), Leo Ku Kui Kei (古巨基) and more were on stage performing their hits created by Mark, showcasing his popular pieces.

12 of our kids heat up the floor, singing and dancing the opening act and singing along with Kelly Chen Wai Lam (陳慧琳) and Daniel Chan Hiu Tung (陳曉東). Apart from featuring in the concert, our music director - Mr. Horace Mui was invited to be one of the chorus singers for the show. Continuing his chorus endeavor in Justin's concert last month, leading a 5-member chorus group featured in 2 songs with Justin (側田) himself, this time performs as guest chorus stretching his vocal potential.


As the kids are growing from amateur to professional, our director at the same time is growing from expert to veteran; there are more shows coming up for them next month, please stay tuned for more of our exciting news!

by thirteen young and beautiful Classical vocalist and musicians, entering to the spotlight gracefully like mobile statues. The traditional sound was wonderfully heartfelt, the crowd stopped by to indulge in the fascination. They were overtly surprised when the performance reached its climax - another group of vocalist and musicians was transported by an open-deck tram to play as one big string, woodwind and brass ensemble. Despite the classical vibe, a sense of contemporary was played out by the musicians. Their modernity influenced by their background and the way of life in Hong Kong mixed into their knowledge of Classical music has thoroughly exhibited the corporate attitude of Neo Derm, to serve with sincerity and to strive for novelty.

Neo Derm


In these rainy months, there are less artists taking their talents to the streets. While the rubber duck project has started on the harbour, our collaboration with Neo Derm HK is beginning on the ground.

To celebrate the opening of their flagship beauty centre, we together created a 3-stop parade in Causeway Bay, Central and Tsim Sha Tsui. The celebrated center - NOOS, boasts as the world's first 5-star beauty treatment centre, leading off the new age of dermatology. The centre is equipped with the most advance technology available and decorated with design that infused with an impression of luxuriousness.

The parade is accompanied by the theme song, Neo Canon, an exclusive alternate version of Canon in D specially arranged by ME2 Productions. The performance was highlighted

Iron Man 3 Premiere


Dressed in red and black, the crisp white floor was dominated by girls on this big night that many has been longing for. Our Pop lady-duet, DJ jamming with saxophone elevated the fever before the guests were escorted into the cinema. They lead the live music industry through passion and innovation just like Tony Stark and Audi leading the technology and automobile industries respectively.

Tonight the celebration is doubled up! The excitement of the movie premiere also helped celebrate the opening of Audi's first sales office in Hong Kong, this brought great news to Hong Kong Audi lovers with a chance to build a more intimate relationship with Audi.
Automobile fans, are you loving Stark's R8 e-tron or his girlfriend's S7 Sportback? I suppose both are pleasurable with a high quality audio system playing our pumping beats and sassy tunes!

Sabina & William - Wedding Ceremony at AMC & & Wedding Banquet Four Seasons HK


A refreshing courtyard wedding ceremony decorated with abundance of flowers and greens is complete with the delightful music of a harp performing live, in where the fair couple shines under the blessing from the guests. The lilac theme continues in the evening with a twist of sophistication, as the classical flavour goes on to awe the guests with the musical marathon.

Starting with 'Tonight' from the West Side Story, peaking at Phantom's 'All I Ask of You' and ending in harmony with 'Over The Rainbow' from The Sound Of Music, it is the best wedding favour for the guests to bring home the memory of their favourite musical.

Swire Motors Launching Volvo FM Truck


What an eventful day! A day filled with our newly arranged majestic songs. The new Volvo FM Truck was situated in the Hong Kong Commercial Vehicles 3S Center in Ping Che, waiting to meet the press for a round of photo shoot.

Our 6-piece horn sextet played some real fanfare to celebrate the launch; our group somehow represents the admirable appearance and the magnificent ability of the truck. Nicely suit up with bow tie, the simple line goes with the clean flow line of the silvery grey truck head; their solid musical skills is comparable with Volvo FM's intelligent gearbox. Before the banquet started at the Gold Coast Yacht and Country Club, our piano and saxophone Jazz Duet gave a soothing chitchat break for the guests in the tropical garden. Carrying on the jazzy mood, the sextet performed a collection of swing Jazz, relax yet lively and playful. Guests were happily satisfied with the celebration program that ended with a singing performance by local celebrity, Kate Tsui.

Swire Motors Launching Abarth Punto Scorpione

The Fiat Caffe in Causeway Bay, despite its petite size, not only serves authentic Italian food and wine but also serves as a home to the Hong Kong Showroom for Fiat and Abarth.

After a year of success of the restaurant and the two fresh brands in the Hong Kong motor market, Swire Motors continues to bring excitement to local car lovers. Boasting its sports car engine in a small yet cool body, Swire Motors launched the Abarth Punto Scorpione on Mar 1 inside the showroom. Along with our Jazz Duet, the mysterious unveiling ceremony was flourishing as if a few horns were there playing the fanfare. The piano and bass duet performed to the crowd what they excel at, playing Bossa Nova classics like 'Black Orpheus' and 'Besame Mucho', this time mixing in some passionate Italian gesture, the bass line was exceptionally strong and fun.

Crowne Plaza HK Kowloon East Grand Opening


In this fast-growing residential area, a 5-star hotel is officially opened to public on Dec 10, 2012. The Crowne Plaza HK Kowloon East is well-equipped with a stylishly decorated modern ballroom; a ceiling of blow glass chandelier manifests the silhouette of a pond of tropical fishes serves as a statement piece in the room where the ambiance is being compared to the other popular hotel ballrooms in Hong Kong.

Berge Studio pulled up brick walls and maroon velvet curtains for a temporary make over for the grand opening night, showing its capability of being a multifaceted function venue. The highlight of the night was indeed our 14-piece Big Band; everything fell into place when the Big Band swung in the first note and the first beat. From standard Big Band Swing to the latest movie theme song 'Skyfall', our Big Band can do it all in their vibrant arrangement. The captivating power of the vocalist and the resounding echo of the 13-piece instruments put the guests at ease to take their time to enjoy the spirit created in the room.

Four Seasons HK Christmas Tree Lighting


The dimly lit Harbour View Ballroom is now the front hall of a classical European style mansion. Though not as cold, the cozy fireplace, tufted velvet armchairs, freshly made gingerbread house, carts of gifts and desserts and tables of festive savory have made up the temperature difference. A week after Thanksgiving, it is time to get around town to check out Christmas-welcoming live music, decoration, lighting, food and entertainment!

Three elegantly poised ballet dancers brought the guests to the middle of the hall to enjoy the dance of silent night, immediately followed by an opera duet, singing a love song for couples to cuddle under the peacefulness. Our Jazz duet continued the musical flow with some all-time favorite Christmas jingles, piano with flute played out the jazzy folk tunes that remind us the happiness of gathering.

As a feature of the night, our Classical vocalist performed a few opera and musical classics, singing out the songs as if she was telling us a story, attracting children and adults for a musical lullaby before going home for bed.

WPO Opening Dinner

Before you walk into the world of Suzie Wong, mock-up street booths are built outside at the foyer providing street snacks for a complete Hong Kong 1960's experience.

The World Presidents' Organisation Hong Kong University held one of its education programs this year in Hong Kong and tonight, it is the opening social night to give a taste of 60's when Hong Kong had her first recognition on her economical achievement.

It is uncertain that the fictional character Suzie Wong was a songtress as well but it is true that our featuring vocalist can be one fresh songtress in the 60's, singing upbeat Cantonese Shidaiqu and lively version of the Old Shanghai Classics to kick off the banquet and fill the room with an A-Go-Go mood. To get the mood flowing, another of our sassy and accomplished vocalist performed to the crowd a versatile repertoire of standard Jazz and Oldies until the end of the night when guests were specially drawn to the Dance hits that they were growing up with; upbeat yet relaxed, dancing, chatting and giggling on the dance floor as if it was in the old days.

Contesa Charity: 1920 Shanghai Club


Back into the 1920's again, this time we are bringing the old glamour to Zambia. The Contesa Charity organised this charity dinner to raise funds to support Aids orphan in Zambia.

The old Jazz beat played out the Old Shanghai hits, jazzy pianist with jumpy beats from the bass and drums, the vocalist kept the tradition, singing in Old Chinese style, delicate and womanly. During silent auction, swing Jazz beat played out the standard Jazz hits. An authentic Jazz vocalist performing a round of classic Jazz, nostalgic yet fresh. Party-goers in the 20's must be longing for our dance session, pumping beats from the 70's disco anthems to radio hits at the moment, even ladies in their qipao couldn't resist the vibe and excitement.

Jackie & Cederick - Wedding Banquet at Four Seasons HK


Contrast to the concrete city, the nature recently attracts a large group of the urban population.

Tonight, our live band nurtures the bloom in this greenhouse of lavender, jazz up the Grand Ballroom of Four Seasons Hotel for the celebration of Jackie and Cederick's wedding. This genius idea of filling up the ballroom with  the purple scent eases the guests' mind like a spell, it relaxes their guard, eventually moves their bodies to our beats and finally drown in our music on the floor of lavender.



A splash of 60's baby pink, zoom in to find it on the big bow dress, high heels, nails, cheeks and lips. It is so dreamy that you would not want to look away.

Two of our talents dressed up as two attractive girls with big hair-do, day-dreaming and gossiping about love. Singing the first song in French with their desirable gentleman, happily dancing beside him, affection is growing strong. The last two songs were solo for the two doll-like ladies, singing and dancing out their feelings towards love.

It is a wonderful featured entertainment, a sweets to the eye and ear. The three original songs are perfect match to celebrate their new festive cosmetic collection for the 2012 Christmas, offering unlimited room for imagination and creativity.

IWC Pilot's Watch Exhibition


At the Garden Court in Pacific Place, the Swiss watchmaker IWC Schaffhausen set up their mini yet informative historical museum to celebrate their new boutique at the shopping mall. The exhibition focused on their classic, Pilot's watch. They are stylishly versatile, just like our 'Pilot Pop Quartet'. Dressed in moss green flight jacket, our talented gentlemen not only showed their manhood but also their musical ability. From Jazz Standards to Pop, they mixed in funky beats to modernize the songs, align with the originality and the unconventionality of the design.

ISL Bridal Fair & Gala Dinner


Oversize white paper flowers and a wall of green grass brought in an unexpected breeze into the 2012 Island Shangri-La Bridal Fair during these hot and stuffy summer days.

The brand new line of evening gown 'DOLL by Dorian Ho', painted with different shades of pastel color, thrusted a vibe of freshness in spring to the room. Our Jazz vocalist, kicked off the runway show with the song 'Girl from Ipanema', relax and fun, continue with another lovely Bossa Nova 'One Note Samba' for the cocktail gowns. And here comes the moment when the audience all turned their attention on the stage; only a huge spotlight and a bright yet soft voice singing 'When You Wish Upon A Star' to welcome Jennifer Tse in the exquisite pearl gown by Dorian Ho.

Our band continues to pump the guests up with romantic love songs, with the company of champagne Perrier-Jouet and the hotel's finest feast, the guests left the venue with love in their ears and stomach!

Chow Tai Fook Diamond Showcase - Grand Hyatt HK


Through the tunnel, it leads the guests into the brightly-lit drawing room. Before you see any striking jewelry display in the room, you will hear the tenderly sentimental Jazz music performed by our Jazz Trio. The romantic saxophone seizes your mind and helps you to vision the story drawn out by CTF to portray their precious.

With the perfect French wine and delicate French pastry, CTF staff embodies storyteller to escort the guests into scenes set in Paris; telling a love story of their masterpieces that happen in this affectionate city where love is as spontaneous as our live music.

Prix de Hong Kong


The enthusiastic horse racing fanfare triumphantly introduced the new charity for the homeless and needy children in Hong Kong - The Hub Hong Kong. A program of the Rotary Club of Kowloon North and the Bill Crews Foundation.

In and out of speeches, lucky draw, sponsor pledge and auction, our Quintet together with the Can Can Dancers gave performance that left the guests leaping around the ballroom and wishing the dance floor would never close.

The Ball finally raised HKD2.7 million, we are proud to be part of the event and wish that the donation involve in The Hub will keep on rolling like the racing legacy in Hong Kong.

Young Presidents' Organization Gala Dinner

1920's Shanghai, do you remember how it looks like? Tonight at the Asia Society Center, Berge Studio helps reviving the scene. Flapper fringe dress, beaded feather accessories and Art Deco. The Old Shanghai tunes welcome guests into the ballroom and our female vocalist turns into a Sing-song girl and performed a few classic Old Shanghai hits soon after the Chairman's introduction. Bringing back the vibe of the 20's where a singing female entertainer was often performing on stage in nightclubs back then.

From Shanghai, it quickly changes to a French cabaret. Our next female vocalist performed the French classic La Vie En Rose as if Edith Piaf was there to entertain.
Dancers later came onto the dance floor, entertain guests with the Charleston Walk, their energetic Jazz Age dance steps brought the guests onto the dance floor to enjoy the rest of the night.

Asia-Global Dialogue 2012

ME2 Productions is proud to support the Fung Global Institute’s inaugural conference Asia-Global Dialogue 2012 at the Conrad Hotel as the live music and sound system provider.  Our jazz band entertained a lineup of distinguished guests such as Former Chief Executive Tung Chee-hwa, Former Chairman of the Board of Governors of US Federal Reserve Paul Volcker and Group Chief Executive of HSBC Holdings Stuart Gulliver.

At Gala Dinner, our musicians also performed a special selection of Asian instruments in traditional costumes for a taste of ethnic music, including Chinese er-hu, Japanese flute and Indian harmonium.

HK Juvenile Diabetes Association Spring Fling Fund Raising Dinner


Enter into the secret garden with exotic birds and unicorn, the Spring Fling dinner for the Hong Kong Juvenile Diabetes Association turns the Island Shangri-La's Ballroom into this dreamy gala to raise funds for youth suffering from diabetes.

Our Quartet leads the dinner with the song 'As time goes by', the romantic tune embellishes the haute cuisine and effortlessly tranquilize the guest and to boost up the silent auction participation.

With over HKD2 million raised through live pledging and silent auction, our band closes the night by swinging the guests onto the dance floor with some oldies disco, enjoying the enchanting settings with the exhilarating alcohol and music.

China Rouge


It's not a usual night club you will step in in any part of the world.

The long expected private club in Galaxy Macau grasps the essence of the blossoming era on entertainment in Paris and Shanghai: The Culture of Luxuriousness.

Our female saxophonist featured during the opening weekend of this exclusive performance lounge along with international diva Laura Fygi and other amusing live entertainment. The spice China Rouge holds have made a go of the history in Asian modern night life.

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