ISL Bridal Fair & Gala Dinner

Oversize white paper flowers and a wall of green grass brought in an unexpected breeze into the 2012 Island Shangri-La Bridal Fair during these hot and stuffy summer days.

The brand new line of evening gown 'DOLL by Dorian Ho', painted with different shades of pastel color, thrusted a vibe of freshness in spring to the room. Our Jazz vocalist, kicked off the runway show with the song 'Girl from Ipanema', relax and fun, continue with another lovely Bossa Nova 'One Note Samba' for the cocktail gowns. And here comes the moment when the audience all turned their attention on the stage; only a huge spotlight and a bright yet soft voice singing 'When You Wish Upon A Star' to welcome Jennifer Tse in the exquisite pearl gown by Dorian Ho.

Our band continues to pump the guests up with romantic love songs, with the company of champagne Perrier-Jouet and the hotel's finest feast, the guests left the venue with love in their ears and stomach!

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