WPO Opening Dinner

Before you walk into the world of Suzie Wong, mock-up street booths are built outside at the foyer providing street snacks for a complete Hong Kong 1960's experience.

The World Presidents' Organisation Hong Kong University held one of its education programs this year in Hong Kong and tonight, it is the opening social night to give a taste of 60's when Hong Kong had her first recognition on her economical achievement.

It is uncertain that the fictional character Suzie Wong was a songtress as well but it is true that our featuring vocalist can be one fresh songtress in the 60's, singing upbeat Cantonese Shidaiqu and lively version of the Old Shanghai Classics to kick off the banquet and fill the room with an A-Go-Go mood. To get the mood flowing, another of our sassy and accomplished vocalist performed to the crowd a versatile repertoire of standard Jazz and Oldies until the end of the night when guests were specially drawn to the Dance hits that they were growing up with; upbeat yet relaxed, dancing, chatting and giggling on the dance floor as if it was in the old days.

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