Swire Motors Launching Volvo FM Truck

What an eventful day! A day filled with our newly arranged majestic songs. The new Volvo FM Truck was situated in the Hong Kong Commercial Vehicles 3S Center in Ping Che, waiting to meet the press for a round of photo shoot.

Our 6-piece horn sextet played some real fanfare to celebrate the launch; our group somehow represents the admirable appearance and the magnificent ability of the truck. Nicely suit up with bow tie, the simple line goes with the clean flow line of the silvery grey truck head; their solid musical skills is comparable with Volvo FM's intelligent gearbox. Before the banquet started at the Gold Coast Yacht and Country Club, our piano and saxophone Jazz Duet gave a soothing chitchat break for the guests in the tropical garden. Carrying on the jazzy mood, the sextet performed a collection of swing Jazz, relax yet lively and playful. Guests were happily satisfied with the celebration program that ended with a singing performance by local celebrity, Kate Tsui.

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