Neo Derm

In these rainy months, there are less artists taking their talents to the streets. While the rubber duck project has started on the harbour, our collaboration with Neo Derm HK is beginning on the ground.

To celebrate the opening of their flagship beauty centre, we together created a 3-stop parade in Causeway Bay, Central and Tsim Sha Tsui. The celebrated center - NOOS, boasts as the world's first 5-star beauty treatment centre, leading off the new age of dermatology. The centre is equipped with the most advance technology available and decorated with design that infused with an impression of luxuriousness.

The parade is accompanied by the theme song, Neo Canon, an exclusive alternate version of Canon in D specially arranged by ME2 Productions. The performance was highlighted by twelve young and beautiful Classical vocalist and musicians, entering to the spotlight gracefully like mobile statues. The traditional sound was wonderfully heartfelt, the crowd stopped by to indulge in the fascination. They were overtly surprised when the performance reached its climax - another group of vocalist and musicians was transported by an open-deck tram to play as one big string, woodwind and brass ensemble. Despite the classical vibe, a sense of contemporary was played out by the musicians. Their modernity influenced by their background and the way of life in Hong Kong mixed into their knowledge of Classical music has thoroughly exhibited the corporate attitude of Neo Derm, to serve with sincerity and to strive for novelty.

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