Mark Lui Thank You Concert

A big round of applause for the Show Choir! Our sister company - The Red Vocal Academy had the pleasure to take part in the three-night Mark Lui Thank You Concert last weekend; performing for the guest of honor - the composer of all the songs performed in the concert, celebrating his music on the course of his 20 years in the Hong Kong music industry. Renowned Pop artists like Leon Lai Ming (黎明), Kelly Chen Wai Lam (陳慧琳), Miriam Yeung Chin Wah (楊千嬅), Andy Hui Chi On (許志安), Sammi Cheng Sau Man (鄭秀文), Leo Ku Kui Kei (古巨基) and more were on stage performing their hits created by Mark, showcasing his popular pieces.

12 of our kids heat up the floor, singing and dancing the opening act and singing along with Kelly Chen Wai Lam (陳慧琳) and Daniel Chan Hiu Tung (陳曉東). Apart from featuring in the concert, our music director - Mr. Horace Mui was invited to be one of the chorus singers for the show. Continuing his chorus endeavor in Justin's concert last month, leading a 5-member chorus group featured in 2 songs with Justin (側田) himself, this time performs as guest chorus stretching his vocal potential.

As the kids are growing from amateur to professional, our director at the same time is growing from expert to veteran; there are more shows coming up for them next month, please stay tuned for more of our exciting news!

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