Irene 汪圓圓 & Karson 蔡加贊 - Wedding Ceremony at Beas River

ME2 is very honored to have the great fortune to partake in this huge celebration of Irene and Karson's wedding!

The story takes place on a landscape of lawn in front of a castle. Passing through a gate high as heaven, built in between two walls of climbing greens, you are soon filled with the royal emotion.In the medley of the sound of nature, it plays out the songs of harmony with our ladies trio on harp, cello and flute. Bringing serenity to the nerves from anticipating an excitement.

Just when the processional of bridal party is announced and the second our harpist strikes the song 'A Thousand Years', this contemporary love song plays the spell that hold out the moment of love. Blessings continue with the couple's family performing two heart-warming hymns. Their sincerity touches the crowd and the happy tears they are shedding is as dew growing out of their love, pure and fresh.

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