Irene 汪圓圓 & Karson 蔡加贊 - Wedding Banquet at HKCEC Grand Hall

Warmest congratulations on the marriage of the gracefully adorable couple!

Chic and modern elegance is what you are when you've entered the forest of cherry blossom. In the midst of the wood is our ladies trio, performing Classical lounge music with harp, cello and flute. And if you delight in the decorations, you will hear birds tweeting in the background that sounds as peaceful as the Garden of Eden.

Swaying through the greens is the castle that holds the long-awaited banquet. Horchestra sprinkles a mixture of Jazz and Pop to welcome the guest into the enormous ballroom. The polished style of strings blend in with the spirited Jazz is the perfect expression of the couple.

Right on the T-stage, our Director, Horace partnering with our Classical vocalist poised to unveil the evening with one wonderfully meaningful song 'The Prayer'. And if you relate this to the ordinary 'century wedding' you have in mind, the modish couple march in along with our live band styling the song 'Glad You Came' will definitely rock your head. Kicking off with Bruno Mars' 'Just the Way You Are' by our all-rounded female vocalist, heats up the banquet with this dedicated song.

After a few classic Canto love songs by our talented male vocalist, he performed to the crowd a song composed by both Irene and Karson, originated from a poem Irene gifted to Karson. The romantic moment doesn't freeze! The couple's niece, Jasmine performed two songs accompanied by our live band to celebrate the love of the newlyweds. Guests are all excited by the sensational performances and to keep up the fever, we fire up the ballroom with all the stomping contemporary dance songs. Ending the night with 'Firework', a splash of hope, wishing a timeless bloom to the couple's love and marriage!

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