Wedding of Sally and Alan @Mr.

Right before the wedding, the spotlight falls senselessly on disclosure of family background, detouring from the celebration of love. But with our heads all focus on the lovely tunes specially requested by Sally and Alan, we couldn’t care less about the stories.

It’s their old-fashioned affection for each other that have drawn our attention instead. Lining up their banquet song list as if telling the story of Sally and Alan. Though they never really share with us their romance chronology, we somewhat figure it out ourselves through the selection of songs. Their appreciation of classic tunes resembles the backbone of their love—created for lasting enjoyment.

To us, it’s always exceptionally fun to perform at a musician’s wedding; we have the great privilege to jam with Mr. front man, the talented Alan for a song dedicated to his caring wife. A song filled with simple but meaningful lyrics that Alan proudly sings out to bless their wishful marriage.

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