Citigold Private Client Appreciation Dinner

We are all handed with legacy in different forms. Some are material possessions, some are intangibles like intuition or simply goodwill, and all of them are valuable to our growth and development. It is always easier to build than to maintain, which requires much more effort and wisdom, but what remains the same is the attitude.

Eugene Pao, an internationally renowned Hong Kong Jazz guitarist is invited to perform a few songs with our very good friend, the acclaimed bassist Sylvain Gagnon. Eugene’s reputation calls out from his solid skills and like most of the musicians out there, it’s a family business — although his father didn’t play violin for living, his gesture had made an impression on Eugene. From passion to career, Eugene learnt the importance of support. Even his family didn’t agree with his choice to go into music at the beginning, in another way, they have provided him a very sound financial ground to work on music as his second job. To honor the support received, Eugene creates music that is penetrating and inspirational, the performance sentimentally lifted the seed of dream that has been sown deep in all the guests.

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