Ferragamo Elements

It is still owns by the founding family.

It never misroute from its dedication towards its expertise.

It creates to pay tribute to its heritage.

It gives back to the platform and community who offer support.

And, it hails from Italy.

I guess it is the easiest fashion riddle ever! This reopening of the Ferragmo Elements shop exhibits the above characteristics completely.

We should not, but often can’t help to judge by the appearance. Look at Julian and Karena who stylishly clad in the house’s latest RTW, transforming their cuteness with an edge. Undeniably, perspective does change with appearance. Ferragamo understands this perfectly and therefore cherish their crafters as their brand’s precious assets. Needless a visit to their museum or atelier, a crafter specially flew from Florence exhibits craftsmanship that Ferragamo most proud of to celebrate another event in their history.

Our Jazz Quartet composes an air of Romanticism of a crafter in the city with songs like 'The Very Thought of You', as we calm and inspire minds with our music, in particular, the mind to produce a piece of collectable.

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