Wedding of Kelly Lo and Kingston Chu

To hold a destination wedding for over 2,000 guests is nearly an impossible mission. If Kelly and Kingston could manage the schedule of their guests, they would definitely fly them all over to celebrate at the real film set of Alice in the Wonderland.

Now Plan A is void, but production design made in Hong Kong would not fail the couple. Inside and outside the Grand Hall, the team recreated the Wonderland into the Enchanted Forrest. Colorful and vibrant that intensifies the impulse to laugh with family and friends.

Allow me to show off my musicians for a second, their musical souls can perform almost anything, seriously. With Kelly’s musical background, she is not being critical at all, but instead places her trust in our profession. Our Quintet is especially excited about the open repertoire and needless to say they are at their best when they perform instinctively!

Photo Credit to Dennis Mok

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