Wedding of Crystal and Kazaf

This is a proper wedding of extravaganza; unsparingly embellished decoration is the basic to stage such grand celebration in the Grand Hall. The garment of finest design, the guest of highest social influence, the food and wine of careful selection, but the couple’s wedding bands tell us that it is more than just a celebration. Green and red stones set on the most sovereign mount you can ever imagine, this unconventional choice is bound to serious devotion. Whether it is the message behind the stones or the design of the mount, their big words for each other have been well kept in the ring like a spell.

Their spell of love merrily turns into a fairy, dances gracefully to welcome them to the gate of marriage. And at this very moment, we might be the most magical ensemble out there, playing the intimate music of fairy dust landing after each of her steps and develop romantically into the solemn ceremonial ambience with the heart-warming song ‘The Prayer’ as guests rise for the march in. Horace joins in as part of the duet, sings out the unknown yet hopeful future, praying for guidance along the journey.

Though it is not our biggest line up ever, the power of our music reveals through unity — that could only be done with trust. We wish Crystal and Kazaf this power to live up their big words!

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