Wedding of Myolie Wu and Philip Lee

She is always hopeful about love and unafraid to show her feelings.

He decided to spend the rest of his life with her even his seed of love was sowed on just a photograph of her.

The trust Myolie and Philip placed on their natural instinct for love has finally led them into the blessed stage of life. Like his decisive heart for Myolie, Philip shared with us his vision of music arrangement for their banquet. It is a heart-warming vision that concludes their musical taste—­we lined up a quintet and a pair of vocal that come together for a full and complete ensemble, performing their likes of fresh and lively tunes.

The surprised wedding reveals even more surprises, to be specific, musical surprises. The close friendship between Myolie and her bridesmaids has been publicly known for years, and the ladies further prove this with the song ‘Sisters’ to promise their lifelong support for the bride. The biggest surprise comes from the bride herself, surprising Philip with the classic love song ‘Chase’. We are here to amplify excitement, making this present as memorable as an emotional movie scene; tenderness of the piano stirs up the emotion with the grand cymbal that sensationally opens up the song, stimulating the desire to give and take love!

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