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Wedding of Tiffany and Darren

January 3, 2016

Inspired by cultural fusion, the popularity of fusion allows it to go beyond cuisine — fashion, music, art, and maybe religion that has been instilling into our daily lives. I favor the move if the merge is as prospering the community as the wedding of Tiffany and Darren.


It is not rare to come across couples from different cultural background holding fusion weddings, but how about a Hong Kong couple? The merge is a romantic surprise. As implicit as poems that reveals their view of love through the remarkable decoration.


Our String Quartet and Harp play ‘the spring of love’ under the forest of cherry blossom at the foyer, lively with much excitement. While the Grand Hall projects their married life in a traditional Chinese mansion, warm without conditions. The thoughtful bride plans ahead a performance that completes the merge, which also bring us closer and become good friends; singing two songs that illustrate her love, I’m Yours and the classic Moon Song, witnessing her transition from expressive innocent purity to subtle spontaneous attachment.





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