Coca Cola Asia Conference

Coca Cola is almost a household good for some people, like its plant, they stock unlimited stock in places they frequent, for ‘refurnishing’.

From just a can of soda, it has successfully become a pop culture globally and with its witty Chinese name, I guess Coca Cola is one of the shared habits that connect the east and the west.

The simplicity of its commercials are for everyone and its latest campaign that is going to launch in Asia at this Asia Conference is bringing this idea to the peak — relationship is the most precious pleasure.

We are delighted to have this pleasure to share our music with Coca Cola (as delighted as we enjoy Cola, before bed), naturally, with our Pop band. Unexpected at a conference but expected from this crowd, is a jamming session! Team of Hong Kong, China, India, Australia, Japan and more, join the band to celebrate another success of the brand. All of them choose songs that match their positive spirit, feel like they are singing back to Coca Cola, ‘You make it easier to sing’!

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