Kevolie Couture 2016/2017 Bridal Catwalk Show

The Golden Age has been a popular topic in recent years; although it is not mentioned in every trend report, its style has always been a favorite. For glamour is, in most cases, a good fantasy. Unable to practice daily, we look for chances to get indulged and wedding is definitely the perfect time.

At the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal, all models arrive on the catwalk, imagined as the grand arrival hall back in the 1920s by Kev Yiu and Myolie Wu collectively, proudly sporting in shining-detailed gowns of Kevolie. The swing of the first note kicks us all into the film set of a love story.

The tender and romantic gowns open up their feelings as our Jazz Trio goes lively with ‘La Vie En Rose’, flashing nothing is going or needed to hold back. The bold-feathered gowns are speaking, boldly as well, unafraid to request the assurance of love, singing out loud ‘Quando Quando’. And when our vocalist performs wonderfully the song ‘Orange Colored Sky’ under the sentimental dimly lit room, we realize no matter how experienced we are with love, it will always catch us by surprise and once again, we fell in love with the sparkly love.

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